MySQL Being "Saved"

January 4, 2010

So it seems the MySQL creator Monty Widenius has joined the "should Oracle buy Sun" fray. He doesn't care so much about the two companies as he does about the future of MySQL. He's riding the whole "keep the internet free" shtick.

However, here's my problem - if keeping MySQL free was such a major priority to him, then why was he fine with selling it to Sun in the first place? This is a hypocritical position to be taking - it looks strikingly like he wanted the money, but now that he sees what can become of his precious project, now suddenly he has a moral back-bone. Please. If you want Sun to release it back, then all of those who got financial gain from the original sale need to give all the money back, too.

My other bone of contention is this - he's using the EU argument that making MySQL a commercial product risks the internet, and completely obliterates all choice for users. I think he over-rates his project a little. In my opinion (and this is purely an opinion) PostgreSQL is a better database, anyway. Then there's HSQLDB or Apache Derby (if you're a Java programmer). And what about Firebird? SQLite anyone? Interbase perhaps?

Perhaps it's just me, but the open source options for database engines seem plentiful without MySQL. If you prefer it for whatever reason, then fine, file a petition under those claims - but for goodness sake, don't come up with trash reasons like this.


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