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Windows Server + IIS + PHP 5.3 + ImageMagick + PDFs

April 18, 2014

After 3 days and hours of frustration, here is the steps to follow for getting php_imagick working on Windows server running IIS:

  • make sure everything you install is 32-bit - this is because PHP is 32-bit, and introducing any 64-bit component will break the whole thing
  • download php_imagick here:…

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REAL Subdomains under Linode

December 24, 2013

While trying to add a sub-domain to my Linode account, I did the typical Google search to see if someone else had done s already, and I could just copy their instructions. Alas, there were plenty of posts titled "Subdomain on Linode" (or something to that effect), but they all only showed how to reg…

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Response to "Ten Arguments Gun Advocates Make, and Why They're Wrong"

December 18, 2012

A friend of mine shared a link with me today titled "Ten Arguments Gun Advocates Make, and Why They're Wrong".

I know this is a highly emotionally charged issue, but I thought I'd share some of my thoughts as responses:

  1. The issue with trying to discuss gun controls now is that it's generally a …

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My Problem With TV Streaming Websites

November 15, 2012
I don't have TV - either cable or satellite. So when I want such entertainment, I just turn to on-line streaming (Netflix, Crackle, etc.) yet I have a problem with all of the ones I've found - they are so "website"-centric, that if you are actually a bit of a power user, it becomes an encumbrance to…

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Does anyone actually use QRCodes?

October 19, 2012

The title says it all - I've now worked for 2 separate companies who have had to implement QRCode printing in order to cater to the whims of clients, and yet when it comes times for analyse sources using Google Analytics, we find that virtually nobody actually uses these things.

For example, one o…

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Wordpress Shortcodes - My Way

September 15, 2012

As anyone whose work in Wordpress whose tried to create their own shortcodes knows, it can be a nuisance. Trying to come up with unique names for the shortcodes so as not to cause conflicts, supporting nested shortcodes, etc., etc. It can be a challenge.

Instead of using functions, however, I've …

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Another "WTF?!" IE9 Bug

September 13, 2012

With Internet Explorer's complete lack of support for any of the neat and useful CSS styles, one always has to revert to Microsoft's disgusting "filter" hack. The filters don't take in very many useful parameters (such as color stops in gradients) and disable text anti-aliasing. 

But here's some…

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"12 of the World’s Most Annoying Technologies" Retort

September 11, 2012

On Wired.com today is a little article by Roberto Baldwin titled "12 of the World’s Most Annoying Technologies".

After reading it, several things become glaringly obvious (to me):

  • Roberto is an elitest
  • Roberto is an owner of "the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing" 

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XMLSerializer for Internet Explorer

September 5, 2012

While trying to convert a jQuery element object into a string, I noticed that all the major browsers support "XMLSerializer", which does precisely that task. Of course, Internet Explorer is the exception. However, IE does offer the "outerHTML" property on DOM elements, which seems to do the same thi…

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Block-Level Anchor Tags in IE8

September 4, 2012

Today I thought I'd share a little something I learned a while back about block-level anchor tags under IE8.

As face-value, it would appear the IE8 doesn't support this (or at least supports it peculiarly). Just try to do the following:

        .container {

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