Does anyone actually use QRCodes?

The title says it all – I’ve now worked for 2 separate companies who have had to implement QRCode printing in order to cater to the whims of clients, and yet when it comes times for analyse sources using Google Analytics, we find that virtually nobody actually uses these things.

For example, one of our clients generates 10,000 unique visitors per month – after 2 months of QRCodes, we noticed a whopping 2 hits coming from the QRCodes. Now, to me, the costs involved with having to create these things, and then find printers who will support it, and produce something actually usable just doesn’t make financial sense for 2 whole hits.

I know it’s supposed to be something to catch onto the whole mobile wave right now, but really, it seems to be something people just aren’t interested in – does anyone else have a differing story?