REAL Subdomains under Linode

While trying to add a sub-domain to my Linode account, I did the typical Google search to see if someone else had done so already, and I could just copy their instructions. Alas, there were plenty of posts titled “Subdomain on Linode” (or something to that effect), but they all only showed how to register a host under the DNS, and set up the <VirtualHost> records under Apache.

A host is not the same as a sub-domain.

Let’s assume we have a domain “”. Adding in “” as an “A” record will simply make a host. You cannot then do “” using this method – something which should be perfectly acceptable under an actual sub-domain.

Herewith, I present the correct procedure for adding in a sub-domain under the Linode DNS (using the above example of “”).

  1. Under the Domain zone for “”, add in the following “NS” records:
    1. ->
    2. ->
    3. ->
    4. ->
    5. ->
  2. Create a new domain zone for “”

Presto. You can now add in host records such as “” or whatever you want.