Why I Think Governments Still Hide UFOs

So, I’m watching some UFO documentaries on YouTube yesterday and today, and the one question which keeps coming up is why would governments (especially the US) keep UFOs a secret.

Here’s my take on it – it would cost too much to admit it now. Financially.

Follow me on this one – you have a “cold war ” between two super powers, each of which is trying to one-up the other. Okay, so it makes sense to keep anything a secret in the hopes of gaining an advantage over the other. However, in order to make sure you keep the secret, you have to deal with leaks. The best way of doing this is to destroy the reputation and careers (and ultimately lives) of individuals who may come forward with what they know. This not only discredits the reports of UFOs, but also strikes fear into anyone thinking of reporting an incident, for fear of having their lives destroyed, too.

In the run of time, the cold war ends – but now you have a problem. Even though you don’t have an enemy of that magnitude anymore, you’ve now unjustly destroyed the lives of hundred (thousands?) of people in your own country. Can anyone spell “class-action lawsuit?”

Imagine the field day lawyers would have in a situation where the government now completely admits that UFOs are real, they’ve always been real, and they (the government) has always known about it. This would mean the government intentionally lied outright, causing the wilful destruction of people’s lives. Yeah, the government would get sued into the group.

At this point, they simply cannot admit it, not because of any secret society pulling the strings, but simply because it would bankrupt them.

Just a thought.